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Contact Information

Telephone : 86-577-61722311
Mobile Phone : 13588999744
Fax : 86-577-61722144

About Us

“PHLIX”brand EV Charging Stations is a Patented Products designed by ourselves , Which including AC Output range 3.6kW/7KW/11KW/22KW Both for Home-used Version and Network Version with Monitoring Software and App . We also manufacture the DC fast Charging Stations range 30KW/45KW/60KW/90KW/120KW/150KW/180KW with Monitoring software and App for customers , Who interested in doing Operator business and selling electricity to the final user . 
All Our products lines certificated by IEC CB test reports and CE/YUV certifications acc to the IEC EN61851 regulations .
We also Manufacture the EV charging plugs , Output socket ,Adaptor between Type2 and Type 1 , Portable EV chargers by ourselves . All qualify level satisfy to IEC62196 SAE j1772 or  CCS and CHAdeMo standard .
We supply 3 years warranty for AC Output range and 1 years warranty for DC fast Charging range for our customers .
We Welcome OEM and supply technical and software training for big quantity buyers . The software account we supplied to customers can divided into unlimited accounts , And customers can sell the software with products to their customers . 

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