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Contact Information

Telephone : 86-577-61722311
Mobile Phone : 13588999744
Fax : 86-577-61722144

Commercial use 7KW/11KW/22KW

Technical specifications
1. Installation method: Floor-stand / Wall-mounted
2. Maximum power: 22KW/7KW
3. Communication interface:  WIFI&Ethernet  
4. Outdoor protection: No power on - protection level up to IP55;The protection grade of power on gun head coupling state can reach IP54
5. Meet the latest GB/T 20234.2 standards
6. Operating temperature: ambient temperature -30°C to 50°C
Output type
1.  GB/T 20234.2 
2. 22KW:400VAC@ 32A 
3. 7KW: 220VAC@ 32A
Basic skills
1. Start mode:   RFID   &  APP 
2. Remind function: charge indication, fault indication
3. Self-test function: fault self-positioning (can be seen in the background of networking products)
4. Human-computer interaction:   (optional)    LED  screen 
5. Output cable length: 5 m
1. Emergency stop button protection
2. Over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature protection
3. Power failure data record(can be seen in the background of networking products)
4. Surge protection meets latest GB/T 20234.2 standards
5. Electromagnetic compatibility complies with the latest GB/T 20234.2 standards


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