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Contact Information

Telephone : 86-577-61722311
Mobile Phone : 13588999744
Fax : 86-577-61722144

Home used 3.5KW/7KW/11KW

Technical specifications
1. Installation method: Floor-stand / Wall-mounted
2. Maximum power: 11KW/3.5KW
3. Communication interface:  WIFI&Ethernet  
4. Outdoor protection: No power on - protection level up to IP55;The protection grade of power on gun head coupling state can reach IP54
5. Meet the latest IEC 61851  standards
6. Operating temperature: ambient temperature -30°C to 50°C
Output type
1.  IEC 62196     Type 1 
2. 11KW:240VAC@ 32A 
3. 3.5KW: 110VAC@ 32A
Basic skills
1. Start mode:   RFID   &  APP 
2. Remind function: charge indication, fault indication
3. Self-test function: fault self-positioning (can be seen in the background of networking products)
4. Human-computer interaction:   (optional)    LED  screen 
5.Output cable length: 5 m
1. Emergency stop button protection
2. Over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature protection
3. Power failure data record(can be seen in the background of networking products)
4. Surge protection meets latest IEC 61851 standards
5. Electromagnetic compatibility complies with the latest IEC 61851 standards



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